WANTED: Relatives in USA of Agnes Moen b.1900 in Norway

Developments June 2018: Got in touch with Robert G Olsens niese Andrea. Alice Moen still living! Updates to come.

Wish to get in touch with surviving family after Agnes & Kristoffer Moen. They emigrated from Norway in 1924, and settled in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. They had children:

Agnes dies in Suffolk New York in 1972, while Kristoffer dies in 1981.

They lived in Brooklyn at the same time as brother of Agnes: Josef Tommy LEE, with his wife Johanne Marie and son John. They emigrated from Stavanger, Norway in 1923. (see my other post)

Census 1940

Kindly get in touch if you have information via webform

Wanted: Karl Mathiasen Brustuen b.1907

Seeking information about Karl Mathiasen Brustuen b.25.10.1907, which emigrated to Canada in 1927. The trip cost him NOK 594,-!

Some genealogy websites report him dead in Alberta Canada in 1964, but this remains to be verified! Family information regard him as “disappeared”.

Update: Found a possible match in Calgary: Garden of Peace Cemetery : Mathiasen, Carl, 2nd Aug 2000. Needs to be verified.

Karl was brother to Mathea Brustuen b.1891, who migrated to Minnesota in 1911, and married Louis Hanson.

Any information that can shed any light about his life and death in Canada would be much appreciated. Kindly use the webform, and drop me a note!

aka: Carl Matiasen Brustuen, Karl Matiasen Brustuen, Karl Simenson Brustuen

Wanted: Seeking contact with Hanson relatives in the US

Seeking contact with Hanson family in the US, descendants after Louis E. Hanson b.1898 and Mathea Brustuen b.1891.  Louis Hanson aka Lewis Hanson in 1930 Census.

Mathea Matiasdatter Brustuen aka Mathea Simonsen emigrated from Norway in 1911. She came via Canada with ship “Megantic”, and US border crossing in Vermont.  Her brother Karl emigrated later in 1927. Matheas younger sister Martha emigrated to Superior WI in 1920 to marry Iver Sundheim.

Mathea was my father Magne Sundheims aunt. They kept in touch and he visited her in MN in 1988, and he visited Rosemary in 1994.

Louis & Mathea’s children:

  • Morris Byron Hanson b.1919, married Carole Lucille Stern.
    • Noreen Claire Hanson b.1946, m Krause
  • Robert Charles Hanson b.1924, married Rosemary Krueger.
    • Nancy Hanson b.1950, m Lettelleir
    • Charles Hanson b.1953
    • Larry Hanson b.1956
    • Mary Kay Hanson b.1959, m Kimsey
  • Berthild Sophia Hanson b.1921, married Howard Breuninger.

Morris Byron Hanson aka Norris Byron Hanson in 1930 census.

Descendants 3rd generation: Chrisopher Krause, Lorin Krause, Brian Krause, Jamie Hanson, Brandon Hanson, Shawn Lettelleir, Kerry Ann Lettelleir, Scott Lettelier, Tom Lettelleir, Gillian Hanson, Elise Hanson, Angie Hanson, Katie Kimsey, Shelley Kimsey, Kristen Kimsey.

If you have information or suspect relation, kindly use the webform, and send a message. 

Hanson1  Possibly Mathea?Morris Hanson1 Morris Hanson

Etterlysning: Anna Johansen, f.1879

Karl Johan Johansen, f. 22.07.1876 Ønsø Østfold (Fredrikstad), konfirmert i Sem/Slagen 19.04.1891, død i Brooklyn New York 01.03.1907, bare 30 år gammel.

Far til Karl Johan var fergemann Johan August Karlsen f.1845 i Dahls Edh i Sverige. Mor var Johanne Hansd. f.1845.

Søsken til Karl var Hilda Marie Haugan f.1879, Johanne  Østensen f.1888,

Karl Johan var gift med Anna Olufine Johannesen f.1879. Se kobling til Familysearch. De ble gift 02.08.1903 Uranienborg i Oslo. Far til Anna var matros/seilmaker Alfred Johannesen f.1852

Opplysninger om Anna og Karl Johan ønskes. Ta kontakt via epost her.

Wanted: John Otto Andersen b.1914 d.1994?

John Otto Andersen was born in Tønsberg Norway 12.03.1914. His parents was Anders Andersen b.1884, and Johanne Karlsen b.1888. Siblings was Astrid Johanne and Arne.

John appeared on a search Ancestry.com, and it seems a match:  Name: John Otto Andersen
Birth Date: 12 Mar 1914
Date of Registration: Dec 1994
Age at Death: 80
Registration district: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Inferred County: Tyne and Wear
Register Number: F59C
District and Subdistrict: 0531F
Entry Number: 74

We are seeking information concerning John Otto, and if there any remaining family in England? Since he lived there the best part of his life, we can only assume so.  Kindly use the contact form if you can help with any information regarding this persons life in UK.


March 2017: Found that John Otto Andersen was a warsailor, and has been registered on Sjohistorie.no website.

January 2015:  Been in contact with a local relative which confirms John Andersen living in Newcastle until his death. He was living together with a dancer.

Wanted: John Lee (Lie) b.1919 Norway

Johanne Marie Olsen Lee b.1897
Johanne Marie Olsen Lee b.1897
John Lee b.1919
John Lee b.1919






2018: New updates!  It is confirmed by US National Archives, that John Lee was Killed in Action in North Africa in 1943. He was enlisted as regular army in 1938-41, and reinlisted in 1942. Left US for foreign service in August 1942, as private, Company K, 18th Infantry. He was killed by enemy in  El Guettar, Tunisia. He was awarded the Purple Heart, and later the Distinguished Unit Badge for outstanding performance during battle.

According to living relative, Joseph T Lee remarried a mexican lady, and lived in Sacramento, Los Angelses until his death in 1964.

2017: New findings! Article in Brooklyn Daily Eagle 2nd june 1943. This confirms that John was killed in action during WW2. The event took place in North Africa, according to this article in Brooklyn Daily Eagle 25th may 1943. That should the confirm that John indeed was buried at the Carthage cemetery in Tunisia.

2017: New Findings! Article in Norwegian newspaper 20 July 1970 “Rogaland Avis”, where Josef’s brother Reinert Lie is bicycling from Norway to Morocco, to locate his brothers WW2 grave, which he believe is found somewhere around Casablanca. Apparently, he got as far as Valencia in Spain over the course of 4 months. Several articles was published while he was on his way through Europe, Kolding in Denmark, Amsterdam, where his bike got stolen, Paris, and later Valencia.

John LEE (Lie) b.1919 emigrated from Norway with his parents to America  in 1923, and the family settled in Brooklyn, New York.

His parents was Joseph T. LEE (Josef Tommy Lie) b.1897 in Flekkefjord, Norway, and Marie LEE (Johanne Marie Olsen Lie) b.1897 in Kristiansand, Norway.  Contacts in Brooklyn was brother-in-law Hartvig Martinsen, and a cousin Thorvald Lie.

Further, Josef’s youngest sister Agnes also emigrated to America with husband Kristoffer Moen in 1924. They settled in Brooklyn as well, and Agnes was mentioned as main contact on War Registration card.  Agnes & Kristoffer (Kristopher) Moen had children: Alice M, Lillian A and Christopher Arenz Moen Jr.

The family is listed in Ellis Island records, and in the 1930 & 1940 census.

Josef was an electrician, but stories told was that they worked in a restaurant in Brooklyn.

The son John may have been enlisted in the US Army, as the census 1940 indicate Fort Wansworth NY. He may have died in action, as one record points to war grave in Carthage Tunisia: 23.03.1943, and even a Purple Hart, but this is unconfirmed information. Possible Service no.: 6906363.

John’s parents mysteriously was no longer in contact with family in Norway after the war. Marie Lee’s death certificate was by accident located in Cochise, Arizona, dated 12 July 1948. Josef Lee is found in death records for Los Angeles CA in 29 July 1964 (this is really strange…)  Josef’s father was Tønnes Olsen Lie from Flekkefjord. Siblings was Rakel 1886, Olava 1887, Inga 1890, Thorvald 1891, Olga 1893, Reinert 1894, and Agnes, from Flekkefjord/Stavanger region in Norway.  Johanne Marie Lee had a brother Georg Henry Olsen, that visited the family in Brooklyn many times as he was a merchant sailor. There is remaining family in Norway seeking to know more.

Any information about John Lee, his military records, or any other information about this family is most wanted, so please make contact via the contact form on this website.

(Etterlysning hos Digitalarkivet her)


Etterlysning: Hilda Marie Haugan f.1879

Hilda Marie f. 1879 er datter til Johan August Karlsen f. 1845 og Johanne Hansdtr. f.1845 Vallø. Hilda var kjent med etternavnet Johansen etter faren, men også Karlsen. Hilda giftet seg i 1901 i Oslo med Nils Knudsen Haugan f. 1872 fra Rollag. De fikk minst 3 barn, Knut 1902, Jostein 1904, og Leif 1906. Alle født i Oslo.

Familien var folketelt i 1910, Se lenke: Digitalarkivet

Knut døde 1941, og er gravlagt på Gamle Aker kirkegård Se lenke: Grav.  Mulig i familie med: Bjørn 1938, Anita 1961

Jostein var muligens gift med Hjørdis, og er gravlagt på Østre Gravlund, døde 1968. Se lenke: Grav

Savner informasjon vedrørende Leif Haugan f.1906 . Har funnet en litt merkelig forbindelse på Familysearch, hvor “Matt Johnson SD” i USA ser ut til å vite endel om familien:  Lenke

Ta kontakt dersom du har informasjon om denne slekten, som ser ut til å være konsentrert i og rundt Oslo. Mest sannsynlig er det familie der som jeg ønsker kontakt med.

WANTED: Matt Johnson SD:  You have posted a familytree on Familysearch, containing information about Leif Haugan, see link. Please go the contact form and drop me a note please!

Development Feb 2016: Made contact with several descendants from Nils & Hilda, living in Oslo and Son.  Leif lived on the farm in Rollag until he died in 1984. He was not married, and had no children. Knut and Jostein was married and had children.

Etterlysning: Anna Kaisa Karlsen, f.1839 d.1913

Anna Caisa Carlson var født i Dahls Edh i Sverige 1839.  Anna Kaisa Karlsen bodde på Storevar i Stokke og var folketelt både 1900 og 1910.   Ved folketelling 1910 står det at hun er understøttet av datteren. Hun døde 11.10.1913 i Stokke, og der står det hun var gårdbrukerenke.

Hun var gift med Ole Johnsen Gihle i 1867, og de fikk flere barn: Karl Gustav  Olsen f.1870, Andreas Mathias 1868, Peter Monrad 1871, Sophie Amalie 1875. Ole Johnsen døde i 1876.

Ole Johnsen Gihle var enkemann, og hadde flere barn med sin første kone Anne Karine Amundsdtr. som døde i 1862.

Jeg ønsker å komme i kontakt med noen som har opplysninger om denne personen og hennes etterkommere.

Anna Kaisa var søsken med fergemann Martin Karlsen og Johan August Karlsen i Tønsberg.

Wanted: Eleanor Ann Richards, 1922

This is a “Genealogy Most Wanted” notification to anyone that have information concerning Eleanor, as she may be a close relative. It looks like she was born in Montana 1922, and lived in Pontiac Michigan most of her life, and it looks like she died in 2006. The Census 1940 suggest address Highland Township, Oakland, Michigan. May have lived in Superior WI aswell. Parents was Edward P Richards  b.1882 & Marion Alberta Peabody b.1882. Sister was Margaret (or Margurete) b.1924. Grandmum Hattie M (Harriet) Peabody of New York, b.1843.  Eleanor’s SSN may have been: US 371-20-5970.

Found someone that posted a familytree on Familysearch for Marion Alberta Peabody b.1882, which seems a match!
Anyone with access to US data, kindly help investigate Eleanor, and send me a message via the contact form on this site.