Wanted: Eleanor Ann Richards, 1922

This is a “Genealogy Most Wanted” notification to anyone that have information concerning Eleanor, as she may be a close relative. It looks like she was born in Montana 1922, and lived in Pontiac Michigan most of her life, and it looks like she died in 2006. The Census 1940 suggest address Highland Township, Oakland, Michigan. May have lived in Superior WI aswell. Parents was Edward P Richards  b.1882 & Marion Alberta Peabody b.1882. Sister was Margaret (or Margurete) b.1924. Grandmum Hattie M (Harriet) Peabody of New York, b.1843.  Eleanor’s SSN may have been: US 371-20-5970.

Found someone that posted a familytree on Familysearch for Marion Alberta Peabody b.1882, which seems a match!
Anyone with access to US data, kindly help investigate Eleanor, and send me a message via the contact form on this site.