D/S Fagerheim *
Thorleif Bugge, Tønsberg
1590 gt
Built in Tønsberg, Norway 1938.
Torpedoed and sunk by U-44 (Mathes) on Jan. 14-1940, 47 20N 06 16W (Bay of Biscay) - 14 died.

I came across some information on the Internet (The Sailors' Memorial Hall at Stavern, Norway) which says she was on a voyage from Djidjelli, Algeria to Middelsbrough, when she exploded and broke in two, from either striking a mine or being hit by a torpedo in the Bay of Biscay. 5 men were rescued and taken to Vigo, Spain, 15 died. The date given for her sinking on this website is Jan. 16. See link below for names of some of those who died.

A visitor to my website Juan Carlos Salgado (researcher of WW2 incidents related to Spain and author) gives me the following: 15 January 1940. Fagerheim, torpedoed by U 44 (KL Ludwig Mathes) -all my sources agree- 80 miles SW of Ouessant the previous night. Five survivors, including the captain, picked up by the Greek m/v Iris, bound for Naples, and landed in Vigo two days later. List of survivors: Captain Hans Danielsen, Machinist Harald Berg, Boy Reidar Pedersen, Cook Bjarne Karlsen, Cabin Boy Edgar Cinis.

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NOTE: Haugesund had a ship by this name after the war, built 1951 and delivered as Dutch Gert Bodewes. Became Norwegian Fagerheim in 1959, Innvær in 1966, Brivær in 1974, Panamanian Silvi in 1975, Agios Elefterios of Piræus in 1976, Manolis Z 1987 and Limnos III 1992. I have more on this ship if needed. ("Våre Motorskip", Leif M. Bjørkelund and E. H. Kongshavn).