Header photo: view of the Ulnes church, Ulnes bridge, and the sundheim hillside to the right in the photo.

sundheim.net is dedicated to the genealogy of Sundheim, Sundem, Svennes farms located in Ulnes, Oppland County, near the town of Fagernes. The mountain valley is also know as Valdres. On father’s side of the family, most of the ancestry is located in Oppland county, Valdres and Gausdal, aswell as a major number of descendants in USA. On mother’s side ancestry concentrates on region around Tønsberg in Vestfold, Kristiansand in Vest-Agder, Modum in Buskerud, Gvarv in Telemark and the Western part of Sweden.

The Sundheim area is a hillside just slightly west from Ulnes church.

The “Sundheim” name origins from the names “Sundem” and the more ancient word “Syndei”. The original meaning relates to the animaltransport across the river channel by Ulnes, which eventually was replaced by a bridge, Ulnes bridge. In old times, the farm animals was moved across here on rafts, toward the summer grazing located further West on the mountains, Vaset and Golsfjell.  The Sundheim farms used an area called “Langestølen” for their summer grazing.

If you are a relative, or suspect you are, please make contact, so we may check our records etc.

Kindly view our “GMW”  (Genealogy Most Wanted)  if you would like to help out! We would really like to get hold of “any” information you may have on these persons, as we have limited or no information on them, if they got married, where they died, any descendants and similar information.

As you may be aware, it is quite a challenge to keep up with new developments in the family. Available census sources dates back about 75-100 years. Newer available sources are in example obituries and other newspaper annoncements. From time to time we receive messages with family updates, which is very much appreciated. It is really nice to read family news, and that you are keeping updated with this website. If you are a relative, kindly drop me a note.

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 Espen Sundheim, 15.02.2021

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