Brig “URDA” of Tvedestrand

Andreas Syvertsen b.1857 was half-brother to Peder Olsen b.1837, and they lived together at Næs in Dypvåg on the 1865 census, as well as with Peder Olsens cousin Hans Hansens family. Andreas signed on “URDA” in Tvedestrand, Norway in 1875. This was his first vessel at the age of 17., and he signed on as a “Youngman”. The ship was of type “Brig“, and was bound for the Eastersea. In the census for 1875, it is mentioned that the ship was on route for the Meditteranian Sea. So far, this is the last we know about Andreas, what happened to him is a mystery?

Further investigations show that he actually signed on the vessel 14.06.1875. At the same time, several other crewmembers signed on. Among the sign-ons was Captain Olavus Olsen, and AB Aksel Johan Kristiansen b.1856. (As facts will show, Aksel is later married to Andreas Syversten’s niece, Caroline Pedersdatter in 1884)

Tvedestrand Annotasjonsrulle 1036 – Andreas Syvertsen

If we follow the seaman records, there is no further trace of Andreas, but what if we follow Aksel instead? Aksels records show he signes off the vessel in Halifax, Nova Scotia Sep 1876 after 14 months service. Olsen is still captain.


An “unbelieveble storm” September 1875

Morgenbladet, lørdag 9. oktober 1875
Bergens tidende, torsdag 23. desember 1875

There was an unbelieveble storm in September 1875, and more than 200 ships was reported shipwrecked in the North Sea. Among these ships was “Urda” possibly with minor damage, as it was reported “leak”. Since we have not located the destiny of Andreas Syvertsen, maybe something happened to him during these storms?

Ships logs

In various newspapers the ships positions and plans can be viewed. At the time, there is atleast 3 ships with the same name “URDA”. There is Schooer Urda of Drammen, and a Schooner-Brig Urda of Bergen, and a “Jagt Urda”, in addition to the Brig Urda of Tvedestrand, 1855. The captain onboard from 14 june 1875 was Olavus Olsen. Following are some relevant ships positions for the next year or so. The ship is back in Arendal, Norway around end of May 1876.

Morgenbladet, fredag 20. august 1875
Morgenbladet, søndag 5. september 1875
Morgenbladet, onsdag 8. desember 1875
Morgenbladet, tirsdag 2. mai 1876
Morgenbladet, søndag 14. mai 1876
Morgenbladet, lørdag 26. august 1876
Morgenbladet, tirsdag 5. september 1876
Morgenbladet, søndag 8. oktober 1876


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